The Inspired Recipe Club

The Inspired Recipe Club

The Inspired Recipe Club - Green Palette Kitchen

Getting Inspired by Healthy Food

No Matter What the Season

The Inspired Recipe Clubs began as a fun idea to gather as a group online, get inspired by whatever season we are in and to meet new, like-minded people.

In our club, we talk about healthy food, flavor, and creative ways to use fruits, vegetables, and herbs that are in season. I also love nothing more than to use food to boost health, up our energy, and even out our moods.

We go even further, talking about upcycling and how we can use as much of the produce as possible, as a way to protect the fragile environment. Root to stem cooking is using all that we can and composting the rest.

Food does not have to be all work and no play. Come join us for whatever season we are in.

Stay Tuned For The Next Recipe Club!

How the Recipe Club Works

Each Thursday, for 8 weeks your employees will receive a packet of beautifully curated healthy, seasonal recipes, sent straight to your inbox.

Each packet of recipes will highlight either a vegetable, fruit, or herb that is in season during that week. There will be breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, or snack. The packets are also full of healthy information on the recipe of the week.

Fun bonuses and extra recipes will be added for even more fun ideas!

Your team will have fun trying out new recipes and ways to use food to stay healthy all season.

Real Food For a Delicious Healthy Season

COMING SOON!  Summer 2023

June 29th Strawberries
July 6 Mint
July 13 Summer Squash
July 20 Cucumbers
July 27 Blueberries
August 3 Corn
August 10 Tomatoes
August 17 Peaches

What Else Do I Get in the Recipe Club?

The recipe club is a fun, low-key way to spend time “playing” with your food! Try new ingredients, get familiar with old ones, and realize the health benefits of cooking at home. Develop a new relationship with seasonal food.

Here’s what you get:

  • Bonus guides on setting up your kitchen and pantry for summer ease
  • Extra bonus recipes to make the season even more fun
  • Fun and camaraderie on your cooking adventures
I joined the zoom cooking club featuring fresh summer vegetables that Heather Carey ran. Membership was very affordable and the recipes and guidance Heather provided was invaluable to my experience. I learned some new techniques and experimented with ingredients I would not have otherwise tried. I look forward to continuing these classes with Heather.

- Laura S.
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