Corporate Wellness Webinars

Give Your Team the Gift of Health

Corporate Wellness Webinars

Give Your Team the Gift of Health

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The Corporate Wellness Webinar Advantage

Corporate wellness webinars are an effective way for organizations to promote the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of their employees.

Our webinars are interactive online seminars that provide employees with valuable information and resources related to health and wellness.

There are several benefits to hosting corporate wellness webinars, including improving employee engagement, reducing healthcare costs, and boosting productivity.

By providing webinars on topics such as stress management, healthy eating, and exercise, employers can demonstrate their commitment to their employees’ health and well-being.

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The Wellness Webinar Experience

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Corporate Wellness Webinar Topics

Gather your group for these no-cook live events on Zoom to learn about the relationship between food and wellness

  • Virtual Healthy Supermarket Tour
  • Healthy, Delicious Meal Planning
  • Balancing Your Plate for Healthy Eating
  • Edible Wellness: How to Eat to Feel Your Best
  • Mindful Eating in a Distracted World
  • Break the Sugar Habit in Five Easy Steps
  • Balancing Busy Lives: Women’s Wellness and Nutrition in the Corporate World
  • Fueling Female Empowerment: Navigating Midlife Health and the Menopause Transition in the Workplace
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Wellness Webinar Details

  • Healthy Wellness Webinars are approximately 60 minutes. We connect over Zoom or the platform of your choice.
  • Webinars include an interactive slide show and a packet of recipes that pertain to the topic and foods we are talking about.
  • Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and engage directly with Heather.
  • Webinar prices start at $600.
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