Healthy Online Cooking Classes

Helping Your Team Connect Over Nutritious, Delicious Food

Healthy Online Cooking Classes

Helping Your Team Connect Over Nutritious, Delicious Food

Healthy Online Cooking Classes | Virtual Cooking Classes |

Workplace Wellness is Not a Trend

Healthy online cooking classes are more popular than ever. Because there is so much confusion around healthy eating, knowing what to eat, and how to eat in relation to health, is more important than ever.

By learning about what to eat to stay healthy, through healthy online cooking classes and webinars, your employees can stay nourished and well.

The Green Palette Kitchen’s online cooking classes and wellness webinars are virtual learning experiences geared for teams and corporations. Our events led by Nutritionist and Healthy Cooking Instructor Heather Carey, MS, are designed to promote a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing in the workplace.

Scroll down for more information on our signature virtual cooking classes and wellness webinars.

Corporate Cooking Class Experience rates start at $1500

Healthy Webinars rates start at $600 

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Healthy Online Cooking Classes

Burnout, focus, and stress are high on the list of issues corporations face with their employees these days.

Through healthy supportive food, fun team-building cooking classes bring employees together by cooking and tasting what we are talking about.

The Green Palette Kitchen has three signature healthy online cooking experiences that focus on healthy foods that address better energy, stress management, and more focus at work. These virtual cooking classes are perfect for employee team-building events while also addressing the most pressing issues employees face at work. Classes can be cook-along (people participate) or demo (people watch).

Learn more about our healthy online cooking classes.

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Wellness Webinars

Not interested in getting in the kitchen, but still want to learn about healthy eating? Gather your group for these no-cook live events on Zoom to learn about healthy food topics such as:

  • Virtual healthy supermarket tour
  • Healthy, delicious meal planning
  • Balancing your plate for healthy eating
  • Edible wellness: how to eat to feel your best
  • Mindful eating in a distracted world
  • Break the sugar habit in five easy steps

Your group can ask questions and engage with a nutrition and healthy cooking expert at the comfort of their own desk. 

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Private Healthy Cooking Lessons

Looking for a more personal cooking experience? The Green Palette Kitchen is a teaching kitchen for home cooks of all levels who have the desire to cook well, eat well, and be well. 

Gift your clients with a private online healthy cooking class or grab a group of friends, and gather in your kitchens to cook a delicious, healthy meal. We will experiment with spices and herbs, find creative ways to use tried and true dinner items, and play in the kitchen.

We are champions of fresh, healthy seasonal food, putting the fun back into cooking and teaching you the skills to make even your vegetables taste great!

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"I hired Heather to do a virtual cooking class for our small group and it was fantastic! It was very easy to follow along, our group had a great time and the food was delicious!"

- Lori C. (corporate event)
My wife and I had an excellent time cooking with Heather albeit by Zoom. The recipes were easy to follow, healthy and ultimately produced a delicious meal. We really appreciate your expertise!

- David K. (corporate cooking class)
Heather, the presentation today was outstanding!! Thank you!!!

- Joanne C. (corporate cooking class and presentation)
You really have me thinking about what I’m feeding my family! I’ll be checking out more of your online cooking classes. Thank you!

- Deborah G. (corporate cooking class and presentation)
Thank you for a great class tonight. The participants had a really great time cooking along with you. It was a lot of fun and the participants really enjoyed cooking with you and the delicious food they prepared. I am sure that it will inspire people to continue cooking healthier meals.

- Gayl C. (corporate cooking class)
Thank you so much for everything! The class was a lot of fun. You had a great setup and it was easy to follow along. I think everyone really enjoyed. I would love to do another in the future!

-Christina R. (corporate client)
Heather, thank you for an amazing event! Our attendees were very engaged and your expertise and knowledge were top notch! Your talking points around composting, veganism, and seasonal vegetables were so informative.

-Juliet M. (corporate client)
It was a great session! Emails were flying all day yesterday with folks sharing pictures of the food they made and thanking me for organizing. I really think it brought some holiday cheer to the team, thank you!

-Valerie P. (corporate client)
Heather hosted a corporate cooking class for our employees. She provided seasonal, healthy, and delicious recipes for us to prepare and taught us every step of the way! She even took some time at the end of the class to teach us about knives in the kitchen. She was so knowledgeable and patient, and included information on why she chose certain ingredients. We all truly enjoyed the class and by popular demand, will be hosting another one in a few months! Thank you, Heather!

-Jessica F. (corporate client)

Hi! I’m Heather.

As a clinical nutritionist and healthy food chef, I know a thing or two about the relationship between food and health. It is well known that what we eat matters when it comes to physical health and wellbeing – two things that are a high priority for corporations and their employees.

I make the Green Palette Kitchen hum with colorful healing spices, herbs, and delicious flavors. I strive to keep things in the real world, that place where cooking and healthy eating are easy and accessible for all.

Making simple, healthy food taste amazing is my jam. Showing people the skills needed to cook well so they can eat well is my superpower.

I hope to see you and your team in my virtual kitchen sometime soon.

Read more about my story and The Green Palette Kitchen.

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