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Getting Onboard with Food Upcycling

Food Upcycling

We need to get onboard with food upcycling. Food trends come and go but upcycling is here to stay, and for good reason. A few weeks back I posted my recipe for Radish Greens Pesto, as a way to show how to use all of this lovely, in-season vegetable. We …

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Finding Flow In Your Kitchen

Heather Carey, MS in the kitchen

We are in trying times right now, no doubt about that. I know I’m not alone when I wish 2020 would just please go away. I have been tested enough. Two big trips canceled, worrying about my kids at college, worrying about my own health, dreading the colder months, it …

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Pantry Rules: Sourdough Basics

I never thought that when I acquired my first sourdough starter years ago from a friend that, fast forward, that baking with it would become so popular. Just one more surprise coming out of the whole Corona experience. In our (former) very busy worlds, making sourdough bread taught me a …

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Pantry Rules: Dried Beans

Heres what good about dried beans: they are super cheap, they are easy to store, and they overall just taste better. The downside is that they take some planning and some time to cook. But overall, worth the time and wait. The Dried Bean Primer You Can Buy Most Beans Dried. …

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