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Five Reasons to Eat With the Seasons


Years ago, when I became interested in the relationship between food and our health, I naturally became interested in gardening and eating with the seasons. For many people it’s hard to imagine that food can be grown outside, in your backyard. With the abundance at the grocery stores, or eating …

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Five Ideas For a Healthy Corona Holiday Season

You want to enjoy your holidays but who wants to feel regretful on January 2nd? I had spent years feeling and living this way. A “be in the moment” attitude, there was no resistance to all the cookies, cakes, candy and cocktails. That is, until I was a few pounds …

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Healthy Spring Salad Recipes

I just spent a weekend in California (more on that later) and somone told me that they have 300 days of sun every year. Doesn’t that sound like a dream? If you are from Connecticut, like I am, well, yes it does. It’s been cold and dreary here but ever …

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