Five Ideas For a Healthy Corona Holiday Season

You want to enjoy your holidays but who wants to feel regretful on January 2nd?

I had spent years feeling and living this way. A “be in the moment” attitude, there was no resistance to all the cookies, cakes, candy and cocktails. That is, until I was a few pounds heavier and full of regret.

Although I have gained a lot of wisdom over the years, we are in a different time. Normally I would be writing to tell you how to manage all the parties, girls nights out, and large family holidays, but this year is not like any other. Cue less (or no) gatherings, bring on more loneliness and emotional eating. So I’m making revisions to fit the times. Hopefully next year we can get back to holiday party tips but in the meantime here are five ways to survive the 2020 Corona holiday season.

Make a Mocktail

You mean you haven’t heard of the new “mocktail” craze (either has my spell check, which keeps wanting to switch that M to a C)? Increased drinking has become a thing during Corona and the holidays this year will be no exception. If you feel like you may be doing too many emotional 5pm cocktails, try an alcohol free mocktail. They can be just as festive, without the added calories and anxiety ridden hangover. I have a fun guide to mocktails that you can download. AFFREEMOCKTAIL.

Gather (Virtually) With Friends

The yearly caroling party is off but how about doing something online? I am all about making the most of what we got and having as much fun as possible. Gather your girlfriends, or family and have a holiday cooking class with me at the Green Palette Kitchen. Click HERE to learn more about setting up your own party and cooking a nutritious delicious meal together, on Zoom. Afterwards, stay to eat “together” to ask questions and enjoy. 

Eat Foods to Support Your Spirit

The holidays are not all cookies and eggnog. There are plenty of nourishing seasonal winter foods that can support your energy, your moods and your weight. Lean into hearty soups, winter squashes, dark leafy greens, and warming elixirs. If you need some guidance I have a Healthier Holidays Recipe Book, ready for you to download and get inspired to eat well and be well.

Go Easy on Yourself

There is no doubt about it, holidays can be lovely, and for some, hard. Add in a pandemic and the world seems upside down. Or we’re living in an alternate universe, as I like to say. Whatever the case, this is no time to be hard on ourselves (is there ever a good time to do that?). If you are feeling like the holiday time is getting the better of you, give yourself the gift of support. Click HERE to schedule a call with me. I am offering a two week Holiday Empowerment Program, complete with coaching and personalized meal plans. Reach out to hear more about it.

Find the Deeper Meaning in the Season

We are wired to be in flow with the seasons. Right now, in the darkest days of the year, take the time to rest, go within, consider what you would like to achieve for the new year ahead and feel into the abundance of what you do have and what is. Cultivate a gratitude habit by keeping a list of the top five things you appreciate everyday. We will get through this holiday season, together.

What are you doing to ease into the holiday season and make the most of this unusual time? Let me know below.





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