How To Embrace Uncertainty

What a week.

No one was immune – uncertainty around the election, Covid cases rising as fast as you can blink, Winter on the horizon, so much indoor time, more alone time, questions over travel, seeing family during the holidays. For me, I can add in uncertainty about my three college aged kids, their safety and when I will I even see them.

What’s to become of the rest of the year?

Life has felt hard and I have caught myself eating one too many cookies in a “end of the world” attitude that I know (for certain) solves nothing. If you feel like you are reaching for wine to take away the pain, or sugar to help you cope, here are a couple of things that might help you in the here and now:

Know That Life IS NOT Certain. I lamented to a friend today that if only all these things weren’t happening then I could plan out my business better or know what would be ahead for the holidays. Before Corona, life was so predictable. Or was it? If I think back on my life, when have things ever been entirely certain? We cannot predict the future or know what will happen tomorrow. Uncertainty is a part of life.

Embrace What IS Certain. What helps me with all the anxiety around the unknown? Things I can control. Real nourishing food, hydrating myself, getting a good nights sleep, exercising, my gratitude journal are some of my certainties.

Practice Gratitude. Every morning I write down my list of all the things I am grateful for in that moment. For example,  I took a walk on the beach yesterday and saw the most beautiful sunset and laughed when I heard a young child singing “let it go! Let it go!” , which reminded me to yes, Gratitude helps me keep things in perspective and encourages me to keep things in the here and now.

This Too Shall Pass. What feels like an enormous tragedy today will be gone tomorrow. That’s simply how life works. It’s one day at a time. See my thoughts on gratitude, above.

Food and Wine Are Certainty Killers. Cookies, sugar, wine – it all can help soothe anxiety in the moment, it never takes it away. Learn to embrace other ways to work with uncertainty. My favorites – journaling, cooking, going for walks, being with my pets who have nothing but love, dreaming about traveling, painting.

Yes, this year has challenged how we see the world and tested our resilience towards fear and anxiety. There is opportunity in these moments. Embrace the possibility of changing habits around food, appreciating what is within your reach and realizing the creativity we all possess to make things better.

How can you embrace your uncertainty? Feel free to share.


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