Healthy Spring Salad Recipes

I just spent a weekend in California (more on that later) and somone told me that they have 300 days of sun every year. Doesn’t that sound like a dream?

If you are from Connecticut, like I am, well, yes it does.

It’s been cold and dreary here but ever once in a while we are blessed with a beautiful spring day. There’s something about a 65 degree sunny day in the North East that gets you excited to eat salads and drink more water.

So, I am going through the archives and giving you my best of the best. Three of my best salad recipes to get you eating lighter, and better. Because, after winter, we can all do a little better.

Spring Carrot Hemp Seed Salad

Carrots are the quintessentail spring vegetables – slightly sweet and crunchy, this salad makes a delicious side dish.

Check it out HERE.

Spring Cobb Salad

It’s time to redefine the traditional Cobb Salad! Grilled asparagus instead of bacon, better for you greens and healthy fats from olives and avocado.

Check it out HERE.

Baby Bok Choy Salad with Tomatoes

And when you’re finally ready to break out the grill (if you haven’t already), this is one of my teenage son’s favorite salads. Yes, salad, he will actually eat this one! And, with a healthier Ranch Dressing to boot.

Click HERE for the salad and dressing recipes.

Go forth into spring with these delicious, healthy salads! And let me know how they turn out.



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