Five Healthy Herbs and Spices to Grow Now

health benefits of herbs and spices

When I talk about my large vegetable, herb and fruit garden to people I often hear a common theme. It sounds amazing but what on earth do you do with herbs and spices anyway?

Herbs and spices not only make your food taste amazing, they are also so good for you too. All herb and spices are full of anti-inflammatory and anti- cancer benefits and are surprisingly so easy to grow. When anyone is interested in starting a garden I always point them to a pot of herbs on their patio. Give them some sun and water and they will thank you all summer.

health benefits of herbs and spices

There are so many ways to use herbs (next week’s post) but let’s focus on the health benefits of my top five herbs and spices I love to grow in my garden.


Mint comes in many different varieties, but this personal favorite is powerful medicine. Mint helps with digestion, can help relieve IBS and could improve brain function. Simply smelling mint makes you more alert.

Cayenne Pepper

All hot peppers are easy to grow in the summer garden and can help relieve allergy congestion, assist with migraine pain and aid in digestion.


Basil is not only so symbolic of summer it is great for memory, help reduce blood pressure and help regulate blood sugar.


Aaah, lavender. This powerful herb is so symbolic of peace and calm and for good reason. Lavender is know to help with moods, keep you calm and aid in sleep. You can used dried lavender in a tea before bed to lull you into slumber.


Turmeric is the star of the spice world right now and food good reason. Grown as an herb (when dried it is known as a spice) turmeric is highly anti-inflammatory. It is great for pain, arthritis, and great for brain function.

There you have it, five easy to grow herbs and spices you can start in your garden or in a container right now. But don’t delay, the growing season is underway for these amazing plants.

If you want to learn more about herbs and spices and how to use them this summer, join me for The Summer Inspired Recipe Club. 8 weeks, 40 recipes, tons of inspiration. Click HERE to learn more and to sign up. We start June 30th!



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